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Clinical Psychiatry Journals  provide flourishing base to submit novel researches and outcomes in all the fields of Psychiatry. Through Psychiatry peer reviewed journals researchers can grab most comprehensive key resources. Clinical Psychiatry is all-in-one virtual library provides relevant and latest findings. The rapid and editorial bias free publishing system will aid the readers to access and disseminate knowledge for the betterment of the scientific society.

It accepts research work on all related disciplines of Psychiatry such as Cognition, Neurological aspects with behavioral changes, Molecular analysis of neurological events, Psychotherapy, Forensic psychiatry, Social issues associated with psychiatry, Stress and stress management, Psychotrauma, Complex behavioral aspects of child and adults, understanding addiction and related perspectives, Geriatric psychiatry, Trauma and allied mental conditions.

To submit a new manuscript authors should use the online submission system or they can submit via mail at [email protected]

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