Humanistic Therapy: A Positive Approach to Psychotherapy

Megan Kober*

Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA

*Corresponding Author:
Kober M
Department of Psychology,
Virginia Commonwealth University,
[email protected]

Received Date: October 05, 2021; Accepted Date: October 19, 2021; Published Date: October 26, 2021

Citation: Kober M (2021) Humanistic Therapy:A Positive Approach to Psychotherapy. Clin Psychiatry Vol.7 No. 5:105.

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Humanistic therapy is based on the conviction that each human is born with a potential that, with the right support, can be completely figured out. This area of psychology endeavours to encourage the potential in people by means of therapy that spotlights on their humanistic attributes and offers them with positive help. On basis of self-improvement, humanistic therapy is a personalized mental health therapy made to serve your particular needs and objectives. Humanistic therapy is a compelling treatment for a wide scope of mental health conditions, but on the other hand it is also useful to the people who don't experience any effects of dysfunctional behavior. Rather than dealing with analytic models, humanistic therapy centers on personal understandings of an individual. The development towards humanistic psychology was grounded in a growing inspiration in the discipline of psychology to focus on human potential. Humanistic treatment was established on the following concepts:

• People are kind and naturally endeavour to improve both themselves and their society.

• People try to self-improve and become the best version of them.

• People have subjective experiences, which should serve as the beginning stage of their therapy.

• Therapy should focus on understanding an individual comprehensively.

• Humans can accomplish development the best when treated with a positive regard.

These ideas are the establishment of humanistic therapy. Since it has turned into a perceived discipline, humanistic therapy has assisted innumerable people to live to their maximum potential. There are numerous ways that humanistic therapy benefits people and their psychological state. The energy directed in this kind of treatment prompts engaging self-improvement for those showing an interest in the treatment. Having a non-judgemental space to deal with feelings and experiences improve mental health conditions. Humanistic therapy methodology guarantees all perspectives, as opposed to simply early childhood.

The individualistic focus on humanistic therapy likewise assists you with learning critical thinking and self-soothing abilities, which can help while battling with the pressure and tensions of day to day existence. Humanistic therapy can likewise build confidence and advance a functioning methodology in your life.


The humanistic therapy has made significant commitments in the field of psychology. It introduced an alternative way to deal with understanding human nature, new strategies for data collection in human behavioral studies, and an expansive scope of psychotherapy procedures that have been effective. Humanistic psychology focuses on the inbuilt worth of people and focuses on their capacity and willingness to maintain dignity while growing in confidence and ability. This value orientation is considered responsible for the formation of different other treatment models that use interpersonal skills to amplify individual’s life experience. It also adopted a holistic methodology that focuses on free-will, human potential, and self-revelation. It helps you with developing a strong ability to be self-aware, explore your emotions, and focus on your strengths. Some studies recommend that humanistic therapy can be effective when compared with different kinds of psychotherapy to impact positive changes for clients who participate in this sort of treatment. Humanistic treatment can be successful for individuals who have depressions, anxiety, personality disorders and addictions like alcoholism.

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