Mentalization-Based Therapy : A Psychodynamic Treatment

Olin Karlijn*

Department of Psychology, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana

*Corresponding Author:
Karlijn O
Department of Psychology,
University of Cape Coast,
Cape Coast,
[email protected]

Received Date: September 27, 2021; Accepted Date: October 11, 2021; Published Date: October 18, 2021

Citation: Karlijn O (2021) Mentalization- Based Therapy:A Psychodynamic Treatment. Clin Psychiatry Vol.7 No. 5:e001.

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Mentalization-Based Therapy (MBT) is a sort of psychodynamic treatment intended to treat borderline personality. The method involved with mentalizing, or the ability to see how activities are affected by mental states, is the focal point of MBT.

The idea of mentalization draws roots from John Bowlby's connection hypothesis. Bowlby believed secure connection between a baby and their essential guardian establishes the framework for emotional stability and healthy relationships. In the event that a child is raised by a supporting and mindful parental figure, they are probably going to grow up with their increased understanding of their own and other people’s emotions, working with healthy passionate regulation and mentalization. Also, it is thought an uncertain connection disables an individual’s capacity to mentalize. In the event that a parental figure is missing or conflicting, the kid may experience issues understanding the expectations behind their activities, bringing about debilitated limit with regards to mentalization.

The essential objective of MBT is to expand an individual’s capacity to mentalize. To do as such, a specialist centers around the individual's psychological state, including their contemplations, sentiments, and desires. One of the underlying objectives of treatment is to balance out how emotions are communicated in treatment, which can mean assisting the person with getting their feelings under control so they don't act incautiously. Regulating emotional experience is regularly viewed as essential before an individual investigates how their psyche and the personalities of others work.

Infants and kids with secure connection to their primary caregiver frequently figure out how to comprehend the feelings of others before their own feelings. A touchy guardian is probably going to be receptive to their kid's feelings and mirror them. For instance, when a child is in trouble, the guardian might show an appearance of concern or stress on their own face. At the point when the kid sees this statement of concern, they would then be able to start understanding their own sentiments and develop the capacity to mentalize.

MBT might advance this limit with respect to mentalization in individuals who did not have a protected connection in adolescence. The fundamental system for this change is the foundation of a helpful connection where the psychological conditions of self as well as other people are investigated. The advisor can help the individual form rational, coherent representations of their thoughts and feelings. This expanded limit with respect to mentalization may then assistance the individual all the more successfully communicate and control their musings and sentiments


Research has found MBT to be a successful treatment for people with marginal character. Nonetheless, there are numerous psychological well-being issues that include some level of trouble with mentalization, including depression, solitary character, eating disorders, and dependence, however MBT might be applied to treat them. MBT as likewise been utilized in family therapy and to further develop connections among guardians and youngsters. Furthermore, certain individuals whose psychological well-being conditions didn't react well to different sorts of treatment have discovered MBT powerful.

Designers of MBT recognize that the treatment may not vary much from different mediations used to treat those with marginal character. Provided that this is true, different strategies might be similarly just about as viable as MBT. Moreover, despite the fact that MBT has been demonstrated to be a successful treatment for marginal character, research supporting its viable application to other psychological wellness issues is as yet arising.


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